• From 24th through 28th May in the centre of Riga, in Vermanes Garden took place the International Beer Festival LatviaBeerFest 2017

    The festival traditionally marks the opening of the summer season and assembles under its flag both domestic and foreign brewers. Every year it is attended by some 40 thousand visitors not only from Latvia, but also from Germany, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom and many other countries.

    This festival stood apart from all precedent festivals by considerable offering of beers from Belgian monasteries and family breweries. Belgian pavilion with its huge pink elephant - the renowned symbol of Delirium brand became the main focus of attention among the visitors.

    Every year we participate in the festival and delight its visitors with an excellent Belgian beer.

    Look for our stand next year!


  • Balta Bura company started cooperation with Latvian producer of premium organic products for babies and grown-ups under the brand “RUDOLFS” - “Lat Eko Food” ltd.

    «RUDOLFS» products are 100% natural with no additives, no sugar added, no preservatives and no thickeners.

    “RUDOLFS” delivers high quality products by carefully selecting raw material suppliers and thoroughly controlling each step of the manufacturing process. As a result “RUDOLFS” ensure a wide range of products that provide children and families with healthy and high nutritional value meals.

    The assortment of the company includes many products for children, such as fruit and vegetable food in jars and pouches, baby fruit drinks. The segment for all the family includes smoothies, jams, fruit drinks with pulp.


  • Company Baltā Bura starts new cooperation with Estonian drink producer „Apricot“ OU

    Apricot OÜ is drinks manufacturer in Estonia established in 2010. Company product portfolio includes different product groups. The main product group is syrups, followed by liqueurs, vodka and the remaining product group as vitamin drinks, energy drinks and kvass. Balta Bura launch in Latvian market different taste syrups with high concentration level (1:9) and 0,2l / 0,5l volume liqueurs.


  • Balta Bura ltd has started cooperation with iCotton producer

    Balta Bura ltd has started cooperation with iCotton producer, which is one of the leading manufacturers of hygienic and cosmetics goods in Russia.

    iCotton makes a wide range of products, including wet wipes, baby products, household goods and household chemicals. The company has distribution networks in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

    To reach the European markets, iCotton was looking to establish a manufacturing facility in one of the European Union countries, and began operations in Latvia in 2011, based on the country’s worksforce quality, advantageous manufacturing costs and the central location. At this moment company Baltā Bura represents cosmetics brand Lure.


  • Balta Bura starts cooperation with Värska Vesi AS

    AS Värska Vesi was established on 1 June 1993. The company bottles and markets mineral water and drinking water. Värska water has been bottled in Värska since 1973. AS Värska Vesi’s main trademarks are Värska Originaal, Everin and Seto Kali.

    Besides tasting great, Värska mineral water restores the salts and microelements the body loses after physical exertion. It promotes healthy metabolism. The depth of the source of Värska mineral water is 470 metres. The water is under pressure and thus the ground water is uncontaminated. AS Värska Vesi adds nothing to its mineral water other than carbon dioxide for carbonation. Värska Originaal mineral water has received natural mineral water certification and the company keeps its certificates up to date. The company has a certificate stating that it complies with the ISO 22000:2005 food safety system standard.


  • Balta Bura starts cooperation with FRISCHLI

    Balta Bura ltd has started cooperation with German milk producer Frischli producer, which produces UHT dairy products

    Since 1901 Frischli MILCHWERKE producing high-quality dairy products and is one of the leading German dairies. Frischli is an international company who sold products different places also catering companies, industrial enterprises, hotels e.a places.

    For UHT technology: UHT- Ultra-High Temperature processing- or UHT. Dairy products are subjected to heat shock above 135 degrees Celsius, which destroyed almost all of the bacteria that can affect dairy spoilage.


  • PetExpo 2016

    From March 19 to March22 there was the largest in the Baltic States theInternational Exhibition of Pets and Zoo Industry PETEXPO 2016 in Riga. There was presented the widest exposure of various pets and exotic animals, as well as related products and services. The exhibition was attended by more than 1,600 dogs and 400 cats of various breeds, competed for the title of the best representative of the breed, from 16 countries. Baltā Bura Company took part in the exhibition, representing the largest and oldest Italian Per Food company Morando SpA –the leader in the Italian market. At the booth there were presented the most anticipated news in the Latvian market - specialized food for sterilized cats Miglior gatto Sterilized, as well as the line of super premium feed MioGatto / MioCane business professional and feeds Miglior Cane Professional / Miglior Gatto Professional.


  • Balta Bura starts cooperation with Hell Energy.

    Starting from February 2016 Balta Bura LTD have started cooperation with one of the largest and the most modern energy drink manufacturers in Europe - Hell Energy.

    HELL Energy was founded in Hungary in April 2006 as a private family company. After 3 years the brand became the market leader in one of the strongest markets in the world - in Hungary, which in fact was the first export country for most of the energy drink manufacturers.

    Today Hell is one of the fastest growing FMCG brands in the world. It is available in more than 35+ countries around the world and is the market leader not only in Hungary but also in Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus and Azerbaijan.



    In August 2015 BALTĀ BURA company started cooperation with one of the largest and most advanced milk processing companies in Lithuania – AB ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS.

    The company was established in 1924. The experience of many years and unique formulas allow offering consumers a wide selection of products of excellent taste and high quality. Today, the company produces dairy products over 200 different names both new and already favored by the consumers, e.g. PIK-NIK - non-ripened peelable cheese sticks, MAGIJA – curd deserts and the most honored product of the company – the legendary DŽIUGAS cheese.

    Consumers also like Žemaitijos senos tradicijos (Old Samogitian Traditions) brand, which includes milk, kefir, yoghurt, sour cream, cream cheese, fresh cheese, butter, as well as many other dairy products. The company also promotes national culinary heritage. Homemade fresh curd cheese and Žemaitiškas kastinys (Samogitian sour cream butter) of ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS are only made from traditional raw materials and additives, in line with the traditional technology. Therefore, these products of exceptional taste were awarded certificates of Lithuanian Culinary Heritage Foundation and bear the special mark of the Foundation.