• Velvet Care new Balta Bura business partner

    In June 2014 Balta Bura starts its cooperation with one of the largest and the most experienced manufacturer of everyday hygiene products in Poland – Velvet Care. With almost 120 years of history, certified quality management system and environment responsibility, supported by certificates: ISO 9002, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FSC, Velvet Care delivers only the highest quality household paper products under such brand’s as Veltie and SWING.


  • New Balta Bura Ltd merchandising client 3M Ltd

    Starting from 05.05.2014 Balta Bura Ltd has started to provide merchandising services to company 3M Ltd.

    3M Ltd. is a company with a portfolio of technologies that allows you to serve a variety of customers and markets, offering innovative products and services. Company Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Company (3M-abbreviated) is founded 1902nd in the United States and for more than a century offers its customers a wide range of quality products designed to make their lives easier and more comfortable.

    The 3M brand is represented in the office, industrial, road safety, car handling, safety and environmental protection materials, etc. product groups.

    In Latvia 3M products can be purchased since 1992. 3M Nexcare ™ brand, Post-it ®, Scotch ®, Peltor ™ and many others recognized and trusted brands around the world.


  • New partner of Hirsch GmbH

    Baltā Bura Ltd starts cooperation with the company Hirsch, a leading lollipops lollipops and chewing candy manufacturer in Germany. Company in 1969. Hirsch founded the Egon (Egon Hirsch) and his family name served as the company name. "Hirsch" in German means "deer", and so stylized deer drawing was chosen as the symbol of the company. Company products are produced by using the latest equipment, which allows us to offer consumers products at attractive prices. We are using the best quality raw materials. Manufacturing facilities meet the highest standards for certifying An international quality certificate (IFS). Company Hirsch believes that their products manufactured will love the Latvian and Lithuanian customers and co-operation with the company White Sail allow the Latvian and Lithuanian achieve significant sales results.


  • Betafarma S.p.A. new Balta Bura business partner

    Starting from 16.02.2014 Balta Bura Ltd has started partnership with new supplier Betafarma, which has created popular toothpaste brand PresiDENT . PresiDENT embodies long term experience of leading Italian specialists Djuzeppe Kikko and Ettore Talia, who founded company Betafarma S.p.A and laboratory which specializes in development of hygiene, cosmetics, medicine products in 1971. Neither of existing productions could bring to life Betafarma high-tech scientific research solutions at that moment. That was the reason why in 1973 there was founded Betafarma a factory in Milan. Its equipment and capacity has let the company release potential of laboratory and to grasp the latest production technology.

    At present time dental series PresiDENT is produced only in pharmaceutical enterprise in Italy in compliance with ISO under control of the board and leading Italian scientists: dentists and technologist.


  • New Balta Bura Ltd merchandising client Balbiino JSC

    Starting from 01.01.2014 Balta Bura Ltd has started to provide merchandising services to company Balbiino JSC.

    Joint stock company Baliino was founded in 1995 and belongs to Estonian Joint stock company NG Investeeringud. Balbiino has started production of ice cream in 1996. Basic market channels for Balbiino are Baltic countries, apart from that Balbiino exports goods to Finland, Germany and Sweden.

    Starting from 1998 one of the main company’s branches apart from ice cream production has become sales and import of deep frozen products. Balbiino is very active in developing its brands „Härmavili”, „Culinare” and „Marine”.


  • New Balta Bura Ltd merchandising client Medex Dental Ltd.

    Starting from 01.12.2013 Balta Bura Ltd has started to provide merchandising services to company Medex Dental Ltd.

    Medex Dental Ltd specializes in teeth whitening and oral cavity care branch, it represents brands SUPERSMILE and MIRADENT. Medex Dental assortment includes different oral cavity care products – tooth brush, tooth paste, teeth whitening products and oral cavity care accessories.


  • New product in Balta Bura private label - lighter SPORT

    Main direction for Balta Bura always was intended for the development and in order to keep up to it company has issued new product for its private label SPORT – lighter with a picture of a horse and a rider.

    Electronic lighter with bright and attractive design complies with safety regulations of LR. Lighter can be used for lighting cigarettes, cigars and pipes, as well as it can be used to burn paper, light wicks, candles and lanterns.

    It is safe to children and complies with standard BS EN 13869:2007. This means that product cannot be operated by children younger than 51 months because it needs force to be operated or its design, safety mechanism of spark ignition or assurance is sufficiently complicated for children.