Good offer for true coffee lovers. Buy coffee from Baltā Bura and get the coffee machine without any additional fee!
In order to receive the Saeco coffee machine, you just need to buy 3kg of coffee per months. The assortment of coffee beans is very wide. You can choose from Eduscho, Tchibo and Piacetto coffee beans for truly good price. The coffee machine will be installed and adjusted to the chosen coffee beans by the representative of Baltā Bura, we will also provide the free of charge maintenace of the coffee machine. Do not miss your chance to get the coffee machine. If you have any questions, get in touch with the representative of Baltā Bura by calling to +371 27071137.

Since we have developed and widened our services range, we are now offering to our clients in HoReCa sector alcohol and non alcoholic hot and cold beverages, as well as equipment for their preparation, merchandising materials and dishes for its serving. Besides that, we have a wide variety of spices and detergents.


Coffee for professional equipment ("espresso"):

  • Coffee beans both economy and premium
  • Grounded coffee for professional coffee equipment

Tea for food service only:

  • Tea bags, individually wrapped in foil
  • Leaf tea with storage containers

Alcohol beverages:

  • Wide variety of drafted beer in KEGs
  • Wide range of strong alcohol beverages from well known producers (vodka, whiskey, cognac, rum, tequila, gin, brandy, etc)
  • Great offer of wines (France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Moldova, Georgia, Chili, Argentina, Africa, etc)
  • Ready to drink alcohol cocktails, ciders and other light alcohol drinks

Non alcoholic beverages:

  • Mineral water
  • Juices, nectars, drinks
  • Juices in 10L package “bag-in-box”

Professional coffee equipment:

  • Automatic and half automatic coffee machines
  • Super automatic machines
  • Traditional coffee machines
  • Coffee machines for office use
  • Coffee grinders

Drafted beer equipment

Installation and service
We are ready to select for you professional coffee and drafted beer equipment, that will suit your need in best way, and we will insure its installation, service and repair if neceserilly.

Accessories and dishes

  • Everything for tea and coffee (tea and coffee pots, mugs, cups, saucers, spoons, sugar-basins, boxes for tea bags etc) 
  • Dispensers for juices
  • Glasses
  • Any dishes for restaurants and cafeterias

Besides we are offering wide range of spices in big packages for catering and detergents for professional usage also in industrial package.