What do we do? 

We supply popular FMCG brands from all over the world to the all Latvian retail networks, small stores, gas-stations and drug-stores and also hotels, restaurants and coffee-shops as well. We use all existing distribution channels to reach more than 7000 market outlets. 

For our customers – suppliers we offer a wide range of sales and marketing services:

  • we provide full logistics services – order management, storage, delivery, stock management, etc.
  • legal certification and labeling for your goods
  • exclusive, common and project merchandising
  • marketing and promotion activities (SEO, ATL, BTL and PR)
  • lottery organisation
  • demand and supply research
  • marketing strategies, development and positioning for your goods 

For our clients – retailers we offer:

  • order management
  • Electronic Document Interchange
  • delivery to the sales points
  • merchandising
  • promotion activities
  • consultancy for choosing the optimal products portfolio
  • flexible payment options 

Who is working for you?

Successful sales, marketing and promotion of your goods is provided by our professional team that includes more than 30  salesrepresentatives, 12 brand managers, 12 key account managers, 3 telemarketing operators, 4 trade-department supervisors and 10 merchandisers of Baltā Bura, specializing on Food, Non-food, HoReCa and telemarketing segments.